Fuzzy Optimization Model for Decision-Making in Single Machine Construction Project Planning

Nilthon Arce Fernández, Flabio Gutiérrez Segura, Manuel Emilio Milla Pino, Jose Manuel Palomino Ojeda, Alfredo Lázaro Ludeña Gutiérrez, River Chávez Santos

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Scheduling for a construction project with a limited number of machines is a critical and well-studied problem. Most studies assume that task processing times are exact; in practice, delays frequently occur, rendering the initial work plan invalid. Therefore, adaptability is crucial to the success of a project. This work introduces a fuzzy optimization model for the planning of construction projects executed simultaneously and having only one backhoe. The model assumes imprecise task processing times, represented by triangular fuzzy sets, that accept delays up to a permitted degree of tolerance. The model solution obtains a fuzzy work plan. This is a robust plan that supports incidents (delays). A method to apply the model was created. The fuzzy model can help construction companies reduce delays in the delivery of their projects and avoid excessive penalties. The model was implemented in the CPLEX solver, which can quickly obtain an optimal solution for small and medium instances. For large instances, the model must be solved with metaheuristics. This scientific contribution is important for future work since it consists of the application of fuzzy optimization in a specific area of civil engineering.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo1088
EstadoPublicada - abr. 2024


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