Terrestrial mammals of the Americas and their interactions with plastic waste

Félix Ayala, Martín Zeta-Flores, Sonia Ramos-Baldárrago, Juan Tume-Ruiz, Antia Rangel-Vega, Eddy Reyes, Edgardo Quinde, Gabriel Enrique De-la-Torre, Leticia Lajo-Salazar, Susana Cárdenas-Alayza

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Plastics have brought many benefits to society, but their mismanagement has turned them into a serious environmental problem. Today, the effects of plastic waste on wildlife are becoming increasingly evident. Since studies on plastic pollution have focused on species in marine ecosystems, here we review current knowledge on interactions between terrestrial mammals and plastic waste in the countries of the Americas, which is a global hotspot of mammalian biodiversity and in turn has, among its member countries, nations with high per capita generations of plastic waste globally. We identified 46 scientific articles documenting plastic ingestion in 37 species and four species that used plastic waste for nest or burrow construction. Of the 46 investigations, seven focused on plastic contamination, while the others reported on the presence of plastics in wildlife, even though this was not the primary focus of the research. However, these publications lack analytical methods commonly used in plastic studies, and only one study applied a standardized methodology for plastic detection. Therefore, in general, plastic pollution research on terrestrial mammals is limited. We extend several recommendations such as designing methodologies that are adapted to terrestrial mammals for the identification of plastics in fecal matter or gastrointestinal contents, carrying out species-specific analyzes on the impacts of plastics in nests or burrows, and giving further attention to this understudied issue and taxa.

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PublicaciónEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research
EstadoPublicada - abr. 2023


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